Classic regular orange

This is the ultimate Dutch colour with even a dash of royalty about it. Orange is a vivid, modern colour; a nice contrast to the blue sky above you and the blue water you are sailing on. Your Orange Comfort Seat is sure to put you in a good mood.



The Comfort Seat Classic Regular is the most popular model: a true classic.

The Comfort Seat is made from polyether foam and has a frame with a unique integrated hinge mechanism, which can be adjusted into 40 positions. No need for extra back support!
The seat cushion has a protective non-slip backing and no sharp parts. The outer material is in colour-fast acrylic; it is water and mould-resistant so wet conditions (even if it accidentally falls into the water) are no problem.

The generous size of this Comfort Seat provides just the right comfort when sitting. The Classic Regular model comes in 14 different colours.


Measurements: 100x48x8cm

Weight: 3,2 kg

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3,2 kg



Size in cm

100 x 48 x 8 cm


Classic regular