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Outdoor Regular Orange – Taupe

These warm colours combining a light orange seat back and taupe seat evoke long hot summer days. The stylish grey non-slip backing makes the Light Orange and Taupe Comfort Seat Outdoor Regular a particularly distinctive design.

Outdoor Regular Capri blue – Capt. Blue

These two blues – light Capri Blue for the seat back and dark Captains Blue for the seat – make a pretty combination. The non-slip backing is also in dark blue which makes this entirely blue Comfort Seat a timeless favourite.

Outdoor Regular Pink – Charcoal

This design combines bright pink and dark grey: a wonderful contrast. The seat back is in cool bright pink and the seat in warm dark grey. The backing and corners have a grey non-slip finish. This Pink and Charcoal Comfort Seat is a delightful combination of colours that will give you a great deal of pleasure.