A cockpit cushion with the quality of a Comfort Seat.
Extremely suitable as a seat cushion but without a frame or hinge mechanism. The cover is made from Sunbrella acrylic, is water and UV-resistant and available in five different colours. The cushion filling is Calipure open cell structure foam. This foam is rot and mould-resistant.
The zip in the cover means the filling can be easily removed so that it can dry quickly. The handle on the Cockpit makes it easy to carry.
The Cockpit is available in 4 standard colours.

Measurement: 90x46x4cm

Weight: 90gr

Cockpit captains blue

This chic, intense dark blue has been the most popular colour choice for water sports for many years. Its allure is emphasised by the matching shade of the dark blue used in the non-slip backing. The Captains Blue Cockpit is a favourite among many water sports enthusiasts.

Cockpit dark red

This red is in between scarlet and burgundy: a warm colour with a cool allure that matches a nautical setting perfectly. Whether traditional or modern, you will never tire of your Dark Red Cockpit.

Cockpit black

Black is a modern colour that can now be called traditional too. Where previously dark blue was the basic colour for nautical decor, black has been making convincing gains in recent years. And we can understand why! Your Cockpit has a grey backing, giving it a strong, timeless colour combination.

Cockpit grey

This charming light grey goes well in any setting, either on or beside the water. The Cadet Grey Cockpit has a grey non-slip backing.

Cockpit blue white stripe

This combination of blue-and-white stripes is seen as the ultimate nautical colour scheme. It symbolises the contrast between the blue of the sea, a pearly-white beach and complete relaxation. Casual and yet chic: that is the setting in which your blue-and-white striped Comfort Seat is completely at home.

Want to sit comfortably wherever you are?

Comfort Seat is the answer. This flexible seat cushion with integrated frame gives you stable support for your back at all times and is a pleasure to sit on. You can adjust the integrated frame into 14 positions and your body keeps it in balance.