Classic compact basic

The Classic Compact Basic has, like the cushions in the Marine line, an integrated frame with hinge mechanism to provide you with an independent backrest wherever you are.

The Compact Basic is, as the name suggests, compact and lightweight, so easy to take everywhere with the right seating comfort.

The cover is made of colorful water resistant and UV resistant acrylic material and the back is complete with anti-slip, protective material.

This version is available in 4 Uni colors.


Size: 91x43x8cm

Weight: 2.1kg

Want to sit comfortably wherever you are? Comfort Seat is the answer.

With this flexible seat cushion you are guaranteed of portable and movable seating comfort.

Its Comfort thanks the Comfort Seat to its seat and backrest made of polyether foam with a frame

with unique integrated hinge system, which you can easily set in fourteen positions.